Sunday, December 3

Help with Atlanta rap and hip-hop?

Alright -- I know that Atlanta has a thriving and influential rap and hip-hop scene. However, I don't know a damn thing about it other than there's some dude who always tries to give me demos to check out at the Kroger on Memorial Drive. I have heard of Outkast, and I'm pretty sure that Arrested Development was from here. Would anyone like to do a guest write-up on Atlanta rap and hip-hop? I'd be happy to publish such a thing. Even a series of posts would be fine if necessary.

If you're game (not The Game, mind you), please let me know. My e-mail info is on the right under Tricky Dick. There's 10+ months of old posts to browse if you'd like to see the appropriate format. I'm not too picky. However, I would ask that mp3 samples (or links to them, preferably) be provided of any featured artists.

On another note, check out the "new" Sharp VZ-2000 boombox my friend James bought -- that sucker plays vinyl!!!

Jeebus cripes is that awesome. But can it dance?

In honor of this wonderful machine, here's a super-fun track from San Diego's Bushwalla:

Bushwalla - Ghetto Blaster [live 7-25-2005]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is rad!
I almost can't believe it.

10:43 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I know. I may fly to Portland just to touch it.

10:55 PM


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