Wednesday, December 6

Christians & Lions

Browsing the website of ECA Records, I came across a Boston-based quintet called Christians & Lions. Ever curious, I downloaded the tracks on the site and almost immediately ordered the album, More Songs for Dreamsleepers & The Very Awake. I want to hear more, so I thought C&T's readers might want to check them out.

Their label's site says that they're "the musical equivalent of a warm fire on a cold winter night." As I sit here bundled up under my Cubs blanket, perhaps that's why they appeal to me. From all indications they produce an interesting brand of poppy indie folk. The tracks I've sampled feature fine songwriting and interesting little details like horn flourishes and a "western" guitar sound that seems lifted from a spaghetti western. The production is a bit raw, but not so much that it's a distraction from the music. Here are a couple tracks from Christians & Lions:

Christians & Lions - Skinny Fists
Christians & Lions - Gimme Diction

The album is a mere $8, and there's a handy button on their MySpace page to pick it up through Paypal. If you're curious about the name, you can check out this little 3-minute video on the website of The Phoenix. As always, your thoughts are welcome.


Anonymous janet said...

You weren't kidding about sampling more stuff on ECA. :) Find anything else worth checking out?

10:12 AM

Blogger Rich said...

They didn't have mp3's of anything else! I was interested in the Ramona Cordova stuff, but wasn't immediately intrigued by the one track I heard on their MySpace. I may go back later though.

Haven't checked out The Number 12 Looks Like You yet, but oh... what a name!

10:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

very impressed.

good find.

9:22 AM


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