Tuesday, December 5

New Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

See, this is why despite its sometimes outlandish and spiteful reviewers we continue to visit Pitchfork. Thanks to them, I now know that 2005 favorites Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have just released information about their new album.

The new release will be called Some Loud Thunder, and it's due out 0n January 30 (or January 16 via digital download). They have asked that bloggers not link to the mp3's of the new tracks on their page, so head there and check them out. They have made "Love Song No. 7" and "Underwater" from the forthcoming album available as free downloads.

I've only listened to each once, but I'm quite pleased with what I hear. "Underwater" in particular sounds like a fine track. For what it's worth, they have also made available a stream of "Satan Said Dance" via their MySpace page. Locals may remember they played it at The EARL during their October 2005 visit. I didn't go see them in March -- it was the same night as Silver Jews in Athens, and there was zero chance I was gonna miss that.

What do you guys think? Is this gonna be best-of-2007 material?


Confessions of a Music Addict
is running a contest for tix to the Forward, Russia!/Snowden show at The EARL on 12/14. Go there to enter. You have to answer a trivia question, but even an idiot like me figured out the answer in short order.


Blogger Paulie said...

Sign up for CYHSY's mailing list and they send you the info directly. :)

I'm not completely sold yet. That being said, it will be hard for this second release to overwhelm me with joy the way the first one did.

Shhhh on the trivia man! Just like having (former University of Florida quarterback) Rex Grossman as your starting quarterback you are lowering our odds of winning. LOL!

8:27 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Good call re: the mailing list. They've got me curious about the album if nothing else.

My odds of winning are unchanged. I didn't enter the contest. ;)

Re: Rex Grossman... meh. They're 10-2 with him, but everybody knows he's lackluster. What to do? Amazing that the Bears haven't had a great QB since like the Eisenhower administration. No, Jim McMahon does not count.

10:38 PM

Blogger Matt Musick said...

Rich: I posted Alec Ounsworth's demo version of "Underwater (You and Me)" on KISSatlanta. See what you think. Lots of differences in it and the newer version.

The trivia answer is my roommate, so I feel that I'd be cheating if I entered. Oh well.

11:03 PM

Blogger Paul said...

Am I the only person who thinks Alec Ounsworth's voice is cringe-worthy? I seriously can't take his voice at all. The music itself i've enjoyed though.

Funny though, I was talking to my friend on the phone earlier and he was saying their debut was "life changing." I don't share that kind of sentiment unfortunately.

12:21 AM

Blogger Paul said...

Ok, I listened to those tracks. They aren't bad, at least he's not yelling. :)

12:24 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Nah, you're certainly not the only one who finds his voice unpleasant. It's pretty polarizing. He's like a male Joanna Newsom.

I can't believe I just wrote that.

12:27 AM

Blogger Bpop said...

Or a male Paris Hilton...i don´t like her voice either.

1:33 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Never heard her singing voice. And I'm alright with that. Hehe.

1:36 AM

Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Pitchfork also informed me today that Explosions in the Sky are coming to Lenny's in March. I hope this means that they are finally getting more than just local acts to play there. (I saw them twice at the Earl and loved them, especially the drummer.)

2:58 AM

Blogger Rich said...

I saw that Midlake is coming too. I know a lot of folks will prob be excited about that.

3:24 AM

Blogger Paulie said...

'tis true that Midlake is coming in Feb according to The EARL's website. You wouldn't happen to have any mp3's of theirs floating around, would you?

8:31 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Sure enough.

Paulie, you wanna do a write-up on Manchester Orchestra? You like 'em more than I do. ;)

As for Midlake mp3's...

8:51 PM


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