Thursday, October 4

Les Savy Fav

Among the bands featured on Blog Fresh Radio this week is Brooklyn's Les Savy Fav. In a world in which too few "rock" bands actually interest me anymore, these guys have grabbed my attention with their Let's Stay Friends. A nice surprise given I've been so-so on them in the past. I do prefer some of the tamer material to lead single "The Equestrian" but that's just my tendency.

A couple tracks courtesy of French Kiss Records:

Les Savy Fav - What Would Wolves Do
Les Savy Fav - The Equestrian

Their Myspace has more info and European tour dates.


Blogger AmyMeacham said...

They played a pretty wild show at the Earl last time they were here. As you can tell from their Myspace page, the lead singer, Tim, who is also a big guy, likes to take most of his clothes off in concert. He then climbed up on a ladder out in the audience. I forget if he was trying to unscrew a light bulb or what.

12:13 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Actually, if there's anything I know about the band it's that their singer is a husky gent and likes to disrobe. Every time they play a festival or a show in NY, those pictures get plastered everywhere. Heh.

12:48 PM

Anonymous Amanda said...

Love these guys!
Hope to see them here soon....

9:31 AM

Blogger Valerie said...

Love Les Savy Fav. I'm sure this doesn't surprise you.

10:19 PM


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