Monday, September 29

Dancing in the Dark End Zone

Man, that Janet Jackson thing really freaked out the NFL.

This year's Super Bowl will yet again feature halftime entertainment from a male classic rock artist -- Bruce Springsteen. I guess that's cool. Half the crowd in Tampa will probably be retirees from New Jersey anyway.

Bonus mp3:

Jim James [of My Morning Jacket] - I'm on Fire [3-18-2002]
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Dancing in the Dark [6-25-2002]

Sunday, September 28

Criminal Records, Ella Guru moving to new Atlanta locations

Lois Lane and Clark Kent, from Action Comics #653

This may not be the freshest news, but it's new to me. C&T's friends at Drive a Faster Car report that local indie record stores Ella Guru and Criminal Records are moving!

Ella Guru, it seems, have already moved from their former home in Toco Hills (Decatur) over to a new location in Inman Park. I used to shop there during grad school, and wish them luck.

Atlanta's very best music store, Criminal Records, is apparently moving to another spot in Little Five Points but keeping the old storefront by Aurora Coffee and Junkman's Daughter for the comics and collectibles. Can't wait to see the new space.

For more info, head to Drive a Faster Car.

Saturday, September 27

'The Lone Ranger' rides again!

It's a good time to be a fan of Western films. We've had recent winners like The Proposition, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, 3:10 to Yuma, and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, and the forthcoming Ed Harris flick Appaloosa looks quite good. Now we learn that classic Western franchise The Lone Ranger will be revived with George Clooney as the title character and Johnny Depp as his sidekick Tonto. As long as they don't ham it up, that could be great.

Man, I loved The Lone Ranger as a kid.

Now we have to hope they don't get some lame act to revamp the theme song (I'm looking at you Chris Cornell, Moby, etc.). Keep the William Tell Overture as-is, please.

Bucky joining New Avengers in #48? Looks like it...

With Secret Invasion still a couple months from wrapping up, the folks at Marvel have been quiet about the state of the Marvel Universe after that event. We know that a new status quo called "Dark Reign" will follow, and it won't be pretty. Writer Brian Michael Bendis has also hinted that the lineups in the Avengers books will change. While Bendis and the Marvel solicitations have been silent on the Avengers lineup to come, it looks like October's Previews catalog (p. 290) let slip the "classified" info on December's New Avengers #48:

The figures on the cover? Wolverine, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Ronin, a woman likely to be Echo, and... Captain America! With the "Death of Captain America" story just concluded in Ed Brubaker's great Cap series, it looks like the new Captain America (James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes) is graduating to Avengers membership. Not shocking given artist Billy Tan says Cap is his favorite character to draw, but I am happy to see Bucky integrated into the broader universe of Marvels. I guess we'll know for sure when the issue hits on December 24, as well as what happens to Mighty Avengers and Avengers: The Initiative (if they still exist) and the new Dark Avengers (when it begins). Now, if only I weren't going to be 500 miles from my comic shop on Christmas Eve... hmph.

Update: More good news -- Dan Slott is taking over as writer on Mighty Avengers! [per Newsarama]

Paul Newman, 1925-2008

Screen legend Paul Newman has passed away after a long bout with cancer. He was 83.

Along with being a good guy and philanthropist, Newman starred in some of my favorite films including Cool Hand Luke, Hud, The Hustler, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and cult hockey flick Slap Shot. A great loss and he will be missed.

Via CNN.

Uncle Jesse would be so disappointed

Tom Wopat busted with the ganja. I'm guessing it's another of Boss Hogg's schemes to lock up those Duke boys.

Umphrey's McGee - Good Ol' Boys [Dukes of Hazzard theme; 7-15-2005]

Thursday, September 25

Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man and Stephen Colbert

From Amazing Spider-Man #573

I don't have any evidence to back this up, but I'm pretty sure this comic was made just for me. Well, and Matt Picasso and The Falconer.

When Amazing Spider-Man #573 hits store shelves on October 15, it will feature an 8-page story with Spidey web-slinging with Stephen Colbert. My hunch is that Colbert will show up in the role of presidential candidate -- he remains in the race for the White House in the Marvel Universe despite an early exit from the real thing. Either way, it looks like he borrows a set of Peter's web-shooters.

For those keeping score, Colbert campaign paraphernalia has been showing up in Marvel books for months. The sightings are dutifully documented on the Indecision 2008 blog.

Hat tip to Newsarama.

Update: More on the team-up at Newsarama from writer Mark Waid.

Wednesday, September 24

My friends, I've had an epiphany

You know the best part about this whole kerfuffle about John McCain "suspending" his campaign?

Whether or not the scheduled debate happens this Friday, Saturday Night Live is going to rock.

Monday, September 22

Georgia: Vote now!

C&T's readers in Georgia should take note -- early voting is open now for the November 4 general election. As of today, you should be able to cast your ballot anywhere in the state by going to the appropriate location in your county during business hours.

The list of early voting locations is now available (.pdf). Voter registration for the November 4 general election is open until October 6.

For voter registration information in other states, visit Rock the Vote or the website of your Secretary of State.

Kramer on the penny?

Just the other day, a friend and I were discussing the startling downfall of Seinfeld star Michael Richards. You might recall his epic on-stage tantrum a couple years back. Now, out of nowhere we learn that he'll be the first Hollywood actor to appear on American currency (or not).

Not sure what's up with the mallet and book, but I imagine it's just one of his zany adventures. Way to go, Kramer!

Bonus mp3: Ben Kweller - Penny on the Train Track [live 3-5-2007]

Saturday, September 20

Go Cubs Go!

Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune

For the second consecutive year, my beloved Chicago Cubs are the champions of the National League Central.

Steve Goodman - Go Cubs Go

Here's hoping for even better things to come in the playoffs. Go Cubs!

Thursday, September 18

Sleepy Horses' new album 'The Golden Light' -- free!

A couple weeks ago I noted my excitement regarding the forthcoming Sleepy Horses album. Today, the band offered a free download of the whole record via their Myspace!

Grab it here, and enjoy.

The CD release party is still September 26 at 40 Watt. Upcoming dates:

9/19 The Garage - Winston-Salem, NC
9/20 Soapbox Laundro Lounge - Wilmington, NC
9/21 Snug Harbor - Charlotte, NC
9/26 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA
10/16 Mellow Mushroom - Tuscaloosa, AL
10/18 Village Tavern - Mt Pleasant, SC
10/23 Caledonia Lounge - Athens, GA

Tuesday, September 16

'Heroes' preview at Comic Book Resources

Heroes returns with two new episodes on Monday night (9/22), and NBC has passed along six preview clips to the fanboys at Comic Book Resources.

Hiro meets his new foe:

The writer's strike dragged Season 2 into the sewers, but I'll give it a shot at redemption.

Stipe speaks!

Heads up, R.E.M. fans. Over at Pop Songs, Michael Stipe is answering submitted questions about his band's catalog and other topics.

Hi, here’s my question to Michael Stipe: To what extent were the lyrics Shiny Happy People written in irony? Or was it just a genuinely happy song?!

I really wanted it to be happy, but like the Monkees or the Banana Splits happy…fruity happy like fruit striped gum. When we did the video Kate showed up really dolled up and she looked supergreat, but we had to amp it all up to kind of match her. I went home and got all my yellow green clothes and the dance got a little sillier. Same happened with Stand and Near Wild Heaven. That was kind of it for our pop experiment. Well, Pop Song 89 and Get Up, but there the videos were a little darker, so it turned how they were accepted.

Three lengthy posts have been made available so far.

Thanks to Setting the Woods on Fire for the tip!

Sunday, September 14

SNL takes on Palin, Clinton

The whole country knew this was coming, and last night NBC's Saturday Night Live debuted their take on Sarah Palin. Palin and Clinton, best friends forever:

Whatever your political preferences, that is genius. [via The Fix.]

Friday, September 12

Atlanta show reminder: Silver Jews at Variety Playhouse on Saturday

Berman's back!

Silver Jews - I'm Getting Back Into Getting Into You
Monotonix - Summers & Autumns

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it.

Julian Koster and friends playing Athens Cine, 9/15

The Music Tapes at Athens Popfest, 8-16-2008
Julian Koster at Athens Popfest, August 2008

There has been a lot of buzz about the upcoming tour with The Music Tapes and other Elephant 6 folks (not coming to Georgia, I'll add), but today I caught wind of something a little sooner and closer to home. On Monday evening at Athens Cine, Julian Koster of The Music Tapes will appear along with Mount Eerie, Thimble Circus, and Nesey Gallons for an evening of music and games. The facts, from the Cine website:

An evening of music and games featuring:

Mount Eerie
Thimble Circus
Nesey Gallons
Julian Koster

And ending with the playing of St. Nikolai the Wonder Worker's Wishing Game of Candles in a nearby field. Bring a candle 12" tall.


Not sure if I'll make it, but that promises to be something special.

Wednesday, September 10

Deadpool hearts Harry Nilsson

We established last year that Marvel's Deadpool, Wade Wilson, is a Styx fan. Apparently the "Merc with a Mouth" is also into '70s pop icon Harry Nilsson. The first issue of Deadpool's new solo title came out today, and what did he choose to sing while planting a bomb on a Skrull spaceship? See for yourself...

From Deadpool #1 by Daniel Way and Paco Medina

Seems like "Jump Into the Fire" might have been more appropriate, but I guess it got the job done. Welcome back to the funnybooks, Wade.

The Radiators - Coconut [live 1-14-2008]
Great American Taxi - Coconut > Jump Into the Fire > Coconut [live 6-4-2008]

Lest we forget, Kermit loves Nilsson too.

Free, legal, and local: Athens potpourri

Broad Street, Athens, Georgia (courtesy of Online Athens)

I've been working downtown today, so I thought I'd share an assortment of free and legal sounds from here in Athens, Georgia. Some new, some old, all worth a listen.

Don Chambers - Highwater [with Patterson Hood]
Liz Durrett - Wild as Them
Ruby Isle - Hey Hey Hey (That Kid's Okay)
Allison Weiss - I'm Ready [live]
Drive-By Truckers - The Great Car Dealer War
Squalls - Bride of Frankenstein
Ham1 - Will You Ever See Me Again?
Cars Can Be Blue - I Used to Think
Madeline - Bella's Song

Tuesday, September 9

Sleepy Horses CD release, September 26 at 40 Watt

One of my favorite Athens bands under the radar is country-tinged shoegaze act Sleepy Horses. They're the primary project of Nic Goodson, and their Somewhere Out West, Lonesome for You was a personal favorite from 2007. This month they'll release The Golden Light with a party at the Fabulous 40 Watt on September 26. That evening they will share the stage with Bloodkin and The Dexateens, so it should be a big night.

Sleepy Horses - Lubbock Love Song [from Somewhere Out West...]

The new record will feature some lineup changes, with the band enlisting a new guitar/mandolin player (Ryan Scott) and a new drummer (Taylor Sproull) and promising to feature "more layers of delayed guitar than ever!" Should be interesting.

Sleepy Horses tour dates:

9/09 Flicker Theater - Athens, GA (Nic & Craig guitar experiments)
9/18 The Rocket Club - Asheville, NC
9/19 The Garage - Winston-Salem, NC
9/20 Soapbox Laundro Lounge - Wilmington, NC
9/21 Snug Harbor - Charlotte, NC
9/26 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA
10/16 Mellow Mushroom - Tuscaloosa, AL
10/18 Village Tavern - Mt Pleasant, SC
10/23 Caledonia Lounge - Athens, GA

By the way -- the current album from The Dexateens, Lost and Found, is available for free download.

Monday, September 8

"Destro's my Tigger."

IDW Publishing revealed today that veteran writer Chuck Dixon will author a new G.I. Joe comic for the imprint, with the first issue likely to hit in February. In an interview with Comic Book Resources discussing the new project, Dixon uttered what will likely be my favorite quote of the week:

As for Dixon's favorite character to write, he says it's not the one he expected. "It's never the ones you think it's going to be," the writer confessed. "I am completely absorbed by Destro, which is something I never anticipated. I used to write 'Winnie the Pooh' books for Dutton, and Tigger always threatened to steal the spotlight from the main cast. Destro's my Tigger. There's nothing that isn't cool about him."

I'm more of an Eeyore/Zartan guy myself, but I can totally relate.

Fleet Foxes at Georgia Theatre in Athens, 9/30

Seattle's Fleet Foxes have taken the indie scene by storm in the past year, and at the end of this month they'll be in both Birmingham (The Bottletree, 9/29) and Athens (Georgia Theatre, 9/30). Those are just two dates on an extensive international tour for these psych-folk-popsters. The full list of dates is on their Myspace.

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

Their self-titled current album is available from Sub Pop. Tickets to the Athens show are available now.

Other Sound Festival, September 11-13 in Atlanta

The Other Sound Festival is this weekend in Atlanta, and organizer Kat Colohan has been kind enough to author a post with info on the related events:

This is the 4th year for Atlanta's Other Sound festival. The festival was originated by Kim Ware of Eskimo Kiss Records as a way to showcase local, independent record labels and their artists. For the first year of the festival Kim recruited other labels such as Goodnight Records, Two Sheds Music and Lazyline Media to help organize things. Since then participating labels have grown to include Containment Theory Records, ISP and SoundLab 84.

The festival will take place on September 11th at WonderRoot (; September 12th at Star Bar and September 13th at The EARL. Organizers are really excited for the bands this year as Other Sound continues to grow.

Like previous years, attendees will receive a complementary compilation CD when purchasing a 3-day festival pass, available for only $12 at Criminal Records (Little 5 Points) and Park Grounds (Reynoldstown).

The line-up for this year is:

Thursday, Sept. 11 @ WonderRoot: Chopper, Thy Mighty Contract, 13 Day Mission, Nomen Novum and North Elementary ($5 door)

Friday, Sept. 12 @ Star Bar: Pink Police, Attractive 80's Women, the Preakness, Warm in the Wake, Icecaps, Grand Prize Winners and Calabi Yau ($5 before 9pm, $7 after 9pm door)

Saturday, Sept. 13 @ The Earl: Dropsonic, the Booze, Missile Command, A Fight to the Death, Rev Rebel & the Sound Supreme and Yardwork ($8 door)

For more information please visit

[Thanks K@! -- Rich]

Sunday, September 7

Mike Capp's Monsters and Men

Washington-based artist Mike Capp finds inspiration in the drawings of his two children, who must be very, very into surreal and stylish monsters and robots. If they aren't, their daddy sure is. Capp produces some gorgeous pop and low-brow art, with his main focus a series of "Monsters and Men" full of robots, zombies, weird creatures, and other great things.

I wanted to feature Capp here to note that his work includes a handful of pieces featuring characters from comic books including Captain America, Hulk, Batman, Iron Man, and Daredevil. Capp is selling prints of these paintings for very reasonable prices ($5-$10) and the original art of at least a couple is still available. The full gallery is on his Myspace. Behold:

Hulk Monster [buy]

Captain America Skull [buy]

Batman RoboMonster [not available]

Captain America RoboMonster [buy]

Daredevil RoboMonster [buy]

Cappy America [buy]

Iron Man RoboMonster [buy]

Mike Capp's store is at Yessy.

Ben Grimm and Fabio Moon

I know Fabio Moon's art best from his run on Matt Fraction's Casanova, but he has worked on a number of other projects in recent years. None, however, have been of the straight-up superhero variety. To illustrate why he offered this drawing of The Thing of Fantastic Four fame:

Is it just me, or is that completely great?

Brad Meltzer at Decatur Library, 9/19

The Atlanta-area comics crowd might be interested to know that author Brad Meltzer will be at the Decatur Library on September 19 at 7:15 PM. He'll be there to promote his new novel The Book of Lies, but I'm far more interested in his work for DC Comics.

Civilians know him best as a best-selling suspense author, but comics fans know Meltzer for his work on titles including Identity Crisis, Justice League of America, and Green Arrow. In fact, his Justice League of America #11 won the Eisner Award for Best Single Issue this year. Some of his comics writing has been controversial, but it would be hard to deny that he has risen quickly in the industry. Meltzer has also recently taken the lead in a chartiable effort to save the Cleveland house where the teenage Jerry Siegel created Superman in the 1930s.

Meltzer's complete tour schedule is on his website.

Saturday, September 6

Dark Meat to tour, play Athens on October 29

Athens' own Dark Meat begin their fall tour on September 17 in Chattanooga, and will wander around much of North America before concluding the circuit in New Orleans on Halloween. Dark Meat always put on a rousing and energetic show, and they've been playing new material in recent performances. They might even cover Roky Erickson if you ask nicely.

Dark Meat - Freedom Ritual

Dark Meat on tour:

9/17 Chattanooga, TN - JJ's Bohemia
9/18 Urbana, IL - Canopy Club
9/19 Peoria, IL - The Red Barn
9/20 St. Louis, MO - Billiken Club
9/21 Chicago, IL - Hideout Block Party
9/22 Grinnell, IA - Gardner Lounge
9/23 Minneapolis, MN - 7th St. Entry
9/24 Rock Island, IL - Daytrotter Sessions
9/24 Rock Island, IL - Huckleberry's
9/25 Toronto, ON - The Drake
9/26 London, ON - Call The Office
9/27 Hamilton, ON - The Casbah
9/28 Guelph, ON - Vinyl tickets
9/30 Ottawa, ON - Zaphod Beeblebrox
10/1 Montreal, QC - Club Lambi
10/2 Portland, ME - Space238
10/3 New York, NY - Rocks Off
10/4 Brooklyn, NY - Schmarket Schmotel
10/29 Athens, GA - Georgia Theatre
10/30 Birmingham, AL - The Bottletree
10/31 New Orleans, LA - Saturn Bar

I would soooo subscribe

Man, I would have subscribed to Marvel's youth culture mag Pizzazz just for the covers. Surreal and awesome.

I knew Linda Ronstadt collaborated with Frank Zappa, but Cap and Dr. Strange too? Now I'm really jealous.

More Pizzazz covers (and lots of Shaun Cassidy) at Kleefeld on Comics.

The Coathangers sign to Suicide Squeeze

The Coathangers - "Shake Shake" (live at GSU's Digital Arts Entertainment Lab)

Good news for Atlanta's The Coathangers, as the Ladies of Leisure have signed to Suicide Squeeze for their next album. The planned spring 2009 release will be the follow-up to their debut on Rob's House Records. Congrats to the band, and I'll look forward to the new record.

Upcoming shows for The Coathangers:

9/06 Atlanta, GA - Lenny's
9/19 Jacksonville, MS - 121 Millsaps
9/20 Birmingham, AL - Bottle Tree
9/21 Atlanta, GA - Eyedrum

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.

Atlanta ticket giveaway: Witchcraft, TK Webb and the Visions at Drunken Unicorn, 9/13

Brooklyn's TK Webb and the Visions will be in Atlanta on September 13, when they'll open for Sweden's Witchcraft at Drunken Unicorn. TK Webb and the Visions play a fusion of blues, rock, and country, which Spin described as invoking Robert Plant, Robert Johnson, and the conventions of '70s rock. They're currently touring to support their release Ancestor on Kemado Records. I have two tickets to the Drunken Unicorn show available. If you would like them, drop me an e-mail with "TKW tix" in the subject line. I will contact the winner on Wednesday afternoon.

TK Webb and the Visions - Teen is Still Shaking

See their website for more info on the band.

Atlanta ticket giveaway: Mogwai, Fuck Buttons at Variety Playhouse, 9/15

On Monday, September 15, Mogwai and Fuck Buttons will play at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. I'll assume that neither needs a lengthy introduction -- Mogwai are veteran leaders of the post-rock genre, and Fuck Buttons are rising stars in the experimental school. Should be a hot ticket, and I have two to give away.

Mogwai - Folk Death 95

Fuck Buttons - "Bright Tomorrow"

If you would like the tix to this show, please write me at the C&T account with "Mogwai tix" in the subject line. I will notify a winner on the afternoon of Friday, September 12.

Jeff Lemire shares 'The Nobody' preview

Jeff Lemire's Essex County books are some of the best graphic novels from the past few years, and now he's sharing a preview of his forthcoming The Nobody. It will be his first work for DC's Vertigo imprint after a series of successful works for Georgia-based Top Shelf Productions.

I'm eager to read this one. See the rest of the preview at Jeff Lemire's blog.

On a related note, Top Shelf is currently having a sale with many books at just $3 each.

Wednesday, September 3

Please donate: Breast Cancer 3-Day

I rarely post things like this, but I would like to ask C&T's readers to consider supporting a good cause.

My friend Susan is taking part in a 3-day, 60-mile charitable walk to fight breast cancer, and would appreciate donations (of any size!) for that cause. Net proceeds from the walk will benefit the "Susan G. Komen for the Cure and National Philanthropic Trust, funding important breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment." Susan and I have both lost dear family members to cancer, so your financial support would be appreciated.

If you would like to donate, please visit Susan's 3-day page. The Atlanta walk is October 24-26, and I believe you can still sign up to participate.

I'll soon return to regularly scheduled programming.