Tuesday, July 31

East coast Marissa Nadler in-store appearances

To celebrate the release of her new album, Songs III: Bird on the Water, Boston-based songstress Marissa Nadler is embarking on a brief run of in-store performances. Among them is an August 10 stop at Criminal Records in Atlanta. Here's the full list:

8/6 Sound Fix Records, Brooklyn, NY
8/7 AKA Music, Philadelphia, PA
8/9 Schoolkids Records, Raleigh, NC
8/10 Criminal Records, Atlanta, GA
8/11 Park Ave. CDs, Orlando, FL

Thanks to Ryan S., here's the single from her forthcoming album:

Marissa Nadler - Dying Breed

She has also announced a coast-to-coast tour beginning in late August, for which dates are available on her website. More info is available on her Myspace.

Ice Palace

Ice Palace, besides sounding like either a Bond villain's hideout or where Superman goes to be all emo, is an emerging Minneapolis rock/pop quartet. Their current release, Bright Leaf Left, came out early in the year but just recently found its way into my hands. These guys/gal pretty seamlessly wander from endearing pop to post-rock and back, with interesting lyrics and meaty hooks.

Ice Palace - Trampolining
Ice Palace - Nuance and Spark

Bright Leaf Left can be purchased through their Myspace page.

Monday, July 30

The Echo Project festival -- Atlanta area, October 12-14

Well, this came out of nowhere. At least I hadn't heard a peep about it.

Apparently tomorrow, July 31, tickets go on sale for The Echo Project music and arts festival on October 12-14. It will take place south of Atlanta and attendees will be able to camp on-site. I never cut and paste press releases, but I'll make an exception here because there's a lot to process. Here 'tis:

Atlanta, Georgia (July 30, 2007) – The Echo Project kicks off its annual eco-responsible music and arts festival in Atlanta, Georgia this October 12 – 14, 2007. The three-day, multi-stage camping festival will be held on 350-acres of scenic Chattahoochee river front property on a privately owned 1250-acre farm just south of metropolitan Atlanta. With a green focus and philosophy, The Echo Project is set to revolutionize how music and arts events affect our environment through eco-friendly event production by ways of carbon emissions, power consumption and creation, alternative energy sources, and waste management and recycling initiatives. For its inaugural event, The Echo Festival along with Sustainable Waves and Rivers Alive is also launching a major Chattahoochee river clean up prior to the festival. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, July 30th and are available at www.the-echoproject.com.

Featuring a diverse range of talent, from rock to hip-hop, The Echo Project also announced its first round of performers today, which include The Killers, Phil and Friends, moe., Stephen Marley, The Roots, Cypress Hill, Polyphonic Spree, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Umphrey’s McGee, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, The Disco Biscuits, Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues, Brazilian Girls, The Avett Brothers, Lyrics Born, RJD2, Toubab Krewe, Spam Allstars, ALO, Greenskeepers, and Afromotive.

The Echo Project is promoted by Nicholas Bouckaert of Rivertown Entertainment, LLC. in conjunction with Meatcamp Productions. Greening partners include Sustainable Waves, a national provider of mobile solar powered sound and staging solutions; Green Mountain Energy Company, the nation’s leading provider of cleaner electricity and carbon offset products; and the Environment Media Association (EMA) which mobilizes the entertainment industry in a global effort to educate people about environmental issues and inspire them into action.

Tickets go on sale for The Echo Project on Tuesday, July 31 at 10 AM EST. Three-day tickets begin at $145 and are available online at www.the-echoproject.com and 1-800-594-TIXX.

Looks like a very Bonnaroo-type lineup, with goodies for the hippies and the hipsters. Nearly has a price tag to match too, unfortunately. Still, looks like a good time for a good cause.

Joanna Newsom symphonic show at Atlanta Symphony Hall, November 17

Pitchfork is reporting that Joanna Newsom will play a symphonic show at Atlanta Symphony Hall on November 17. So far it is one of just four such U.S. dates planned, with the others in Wisconsin and California.

Joanna Newsom - Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie

After all the fuss over Ys last fall, I assume a lot of folks will be rather excited by this news.

Sunday, July 29


Ladies and gentlemen, the bootleg Comic-Con footage that every geek on the planet was most anticipating.... Our first peek at Iron Man, coming in 2008 (cubicle dwellers, beware the quick and tiny glimpse of topless ladies):

If you're confused as to why he's dressed like the Tin Man at first, read up on the history of Iron Man's armor. There's also an extensive look at the character on Wikipedia.

And a little bonus from Bonnaroo...

Xavier Rudd - Iron Man (jam)

Thanks to Superhero Hype! for the heads-up.

Or, the Whale

San Francisco band Or, the Whale will be appearing at Caledonia Lounge in Athens on August 4, sharing the stage with Tin Cup Prophette and Vulture Whale. Or, the Whale plays a brand of country/folk rock with an experimental bent, not unlike such bands as Sleepy Horses, Long Knives, or Kid Dakota. They also venture into more traditional bluegrass at times, which doesn't bother me one bit.

Or, the Whale - Call and Response
Or, the Whale - Saint Bernard

For those curious what they'll be up to, the band is maintaining a tour blog as it scampers and wanders around these United States. The first show is tomorrow in Austin, so there are a lot of entries to come...

Saturday, July 28

My Brightest Diamond at Wordsmiths Books, Aug. 1

Before My Brightest Diamond plays at Vinyl the evening of August 1, Shara Worden will make an appearance at Wordsmiths Books in Decatur. She'll be playing a free acoustic set at 4pm. Wordsmiths did a nice job with St. Vincent's visit, so I imagine this will be great to check out if you're in the area.

My Brightest Diamond - Something of an End

For something a bit odd/awesome, check out My Brightest Diamond's cover of "Naturally" by Huey Lewis and the News on the Myspace page of a forthcoming tribute album. I used to play the crap out of Sports and Fore! as a kid.

Friday, July 27

Team Clermont prom events

About half these events are already over, but I've been so busy I completely spaced on Team Clermont's prom festivities here in Athens. Here's what has happened, and what's left:

Great stuff still to come tonight and Saturday. Doubt I'll be able to make it out, but I'm sure it'll all be a good time.

Jump, Little Children - "Mountains So Grand"

Four or five years ago, one of my favorite bands to see live was Charleston, South Carolina, art-rockers Jump, Little Children. They appealed to my pop tastes and appetite for originality and variety. I've also encountered few bands so devoted to interaction with their fanbase and happy to share in their excitement.

One treat they offered up to their fans in about 2003 was the ability to order custom CDs jam-packed with JLC demos and B-sides. I, of course, ordered one with a dozen such tracks. Among them was one epic song that was always a live favorite of mine, but has still never received a proper studio release. "Mountains So Grand" prominently features Jay Clifford's soaring vocal along with Ward Williams on cello and Matt Bivins on harmonica and flute. This is a studio demo of the song so it's not perfect, but it's a nice taste of a tune that officially appears only on their 2006 Live at the Dock Street Theater 2-CD set.

Jump, Little Children - Mountains So Grand (demo)

JLC is currently on indefinite hiatus, but still maintains a web presence and Myspace page.

Free Deerhunter in ATL tonight

FYI, for those in ATL...

C&T's friends from Vice are co-sponsoring a free 21+ Deerhunter/Brass Castle show tonight. Here's the 411:

Earplugs suggested.

Mono in VCF

Hopefully Rich doesn't kill me for cross-posting this, but I just had to.

Mono in VCF. I suggest you remember that name, because I guarantee you are going to hear about them once they eventually blow up all over the blogs and into your collective conscience. Bands with such a well-developed sound like this don’t come along often, so I consider this discovery like a hidden gem deep in a muck of musical waste. This is music to completely lose yourself in, that seems best listening to completely alone in the middle of the night to absorb every bit of detail that is offered from this sound.

I was completely sold on the band after listening to just one song and I swear my jaw proceeded to drop to the ground. The haunting use of strings during the opening seconds of the moody classic spy flick-like sounds of “Escape City Scrapers” give way to the discovery of the incredible vocals of lead singer Kim Miller and her chilling delivery that echoes the likes of Beth Gibbons and god knows who else. Actually, strip away a lot of the bass and beats from Portishead and one could almost possibly compare Mono in VCF to them in that regard. From the flashes of psych-pop and old soul, to the dark, orchestral-like quality that define their unique and original sound. I’m running out of superlatives, but let’s just say that this is just easily one of the best discoveries of the year.

Listening to all of these distinct elements come together, you know that this band is something special and not your run-of-the-mill group. This quintet of talented musicians from Tacoma, WA know their influences quite well as represented by their love of Phil Spector which is evident throughout each of these songs. Not that i’m some expert on the subject, considering I had to look up what VCF stood for. A voltage-controlled filter, which apparently is commonly used in analog synthesizers to create electronic music. Yeah enough of that synth-babble, it gives me a headache.

In case you needed extra prodding, the group had recently been chosen by brit-pop legend Jarvis Cocker to open for a recent show in Seattle and will be playing the upcoming Bumbershoot Festival on September 2nd. The group’s bassist Jordan Luckman told me that they’re currently putting the final touches on their debut album, and are currently without a record label. Did you see that people? THEY’RE UNSIGNED. Unbelievable if you ask me. Add the simply wonderful production and instrumentation along with Kim Miller’s soulful vocals and I promise you’ll have some of the best new music to grace your ears this year.

myspace | website
Mono in VCF | “Escape City Scrapers”
Mono in VCF | “Spider Rotation”
Mono in VCF | “The Only One”

Around the horn

Get busy for a few days, and a lot passes you by. Por ejemplo:

The EARL has added David Bazan (of Pedro the Lion) to their schedule on November 10. All Smiles will open up.

David Bazan - Cold Beer and Cigarettes
All Smiles - Moth in a Cloud of Smoke

Bill Callahan will be at the 40 Watt in Athens on September 1.

Bill Callahan - Sycamore

Soulful crooner Martin Sexton will be at the Georgia Theatre on October 23.

Martin Sexton - Angeline

Both Okkervil River and Damien Jurado will be at the 40 Watt on October 3. Jagjaguwar has the full tour schedule.

Okkervil River - Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe
Damien Jurado -What Were the Chances

The cast of the movie adaptation of classic graphic novel Watchmen has been confirmed.

Harold Perrineau is returning to Lost. No word whether Michael will still be running around shooting disposable cast members.

The United States Postal Service will finally unveil its Marvel Comics stamps at Comic-Con this weekend. You can get hi-res images of each from the USPS site (halfway down the page, between the commemorative pollination and jury duty stamps).

Zachary Quinto, who portrays villain Sylar on Heroes, will take on the role of Mr. Spock in the forthcoming Star Trek prequel.

If I missed other big news, please pass it along. I've already heard about the death cat.

Thursday, July 26

Relocation complete

After several days of moving, shopping, etc., my move to Athens is complete.

Cary Ann Hearst - Athens

I should be able to give the blog some attention again now that I'm back online. Yay!

Friday, July 20

Queens of the Stone Age pre-sale for Atlanta, Sept. 22

A note for the Atlanta folks...

Word in from Live Nation that they're doing a 24-hour pre-sale for the 9/22 Queens of the Stone Age show at The Tabernacle, starting immediately. The password is "quick" and you can buy them online. Pre-sale ends tomorrow at 9:59 AM.

You can find a good bit of QOTSA material on The Hype Machine.

Thursday, July 19

The Coathangers | Self-Titled Debut in September!

Decided to cross-post this from my blog, since Rich has been such a huge supporter of The Coathangers (I discovered the band through him anyways).

I’ve expressed my love for The Coathangers on TYS plenty of times, but I was surpised to read my email earlier in the week to find out that the Atlanta four-piece are set to release their self-titled debut in September! I couldn’t be more excited as i’m sure that you will be hearing more about these ladies wider scale in the coming months. I'm sure you have all heard the many demos that Rich has featured on his site and know everything about them so i'll spare the details. Like i’ve said before though, this isn’t rocket science, it’s just fucking good rock music.

The quartet seem to be on the right track to converting the masses as they’ll be performing the next couple of days in New York supporting fellow Atlanta group The Black Lips. To preview the upcoming LP, I have a more produced version of “Parking Lot” which is definitely a step up from the demo version that i’ve been listening to. Check it out for yourself, and keep your calender marked as the album will be dropping on September 4th on Rob’s House Records.

I still have a few of their CD-R demos that I picked up from their show here in Auburn back in April, so feel free to email me if you're interested in a copy.

07/19 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s w/ The Black Lips
07/20 Brooklyn, NY Silent Barn w/ The Black Lips
07/22 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brenda’s w/ Marnie Stern

myspace | website
The Coathangers | "Parking Lot"
The Coathangers | "Nestle in My Boobies" (demo)
The Coathangers | "Shut the Fuck Up" (demo)

Wednesday, July 18

Big Boi to collaborate with Atlanta Ballet

Outkast member Big Boi is set to collaborate with the Atlanta Ballet. The premiere of the event is set for April 2008. The collaboration aims to "fuse the power and grace of dance, the groundbreaking inspired music of Big Boi and the spirit and vitality of children in and around the greater-Atlanta area."

More on AtlantaBallet.com

Tuesday, July 17

Of Montreal @ 40 Watt this Halloween

Fall tour dates are out for Of Montreal, including Halloween at the 40 Watt in Athens. That is going to be a sight to see. That band, on that day, in that town? Nifty.

Of Montreal - Disconnect the Dots
Of Montreal - So Begins Our Alabee

Pitchfork has the dates.

Saturday, July 14

Transform, and roll out

What happens when the composer/performer of the most awesomely cheesy movie theme song of the 1980s attempts to revisit his past triumph? Hilarity ensues.

Hasbro (yes, the toy company) has made available two new recordings from Stan Bush, whose "The Touch" was among the oddities on the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack in 1986. He's given us a new recording of "The Touch" along with a brand spankin' new song about robots in disguise. I ain't saying these are good, but I got a kick out of them.

Stan Bush - The Touch [2007 version]
Stan Bush - Til All Are One

You can see the scene in which "The Touch" appears in the '86 flick on YouTube. It's the final battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron, right after which millions of children 21 years ago wept openly. Many of you probably know why.

As for music C&T readers might actually want to hear, I plan to work on my tapes of the 7/11 St Vincent show and 7/13 Decemberists w/ ASO shows in the near future. Trying to wrap up some professional responsibilities before working on time-consuming posts or music editing.

Bjork adds dates, hits Atlanta on Sept. 17

I won't claim for a moment that I know much about Bjork, but I suppose it's a big deal that she'll be visiting Atlanta on September 17. That night she'll be at the Fox Theater, one of a small number of recently annouced tour dates (full tour at P'fork).

Bjork - Venus as a Boy

Pre-sales are July 18-19. You can find more info at Bjork's site.

Thursday, July 12

Tegan and Sara touring this fall, Atlanta date Nov. 16

Canadian wonder twins Tegan and Sara are set to head out on an extensive tour of North America and Europe, with many of the summer dates already sold out. They'll be supporting their new album The Con, which will be released on July 24. In November they'll be visiting the South including a November 16 stop at the Roxy Theater in Atlanta:

11/10 House of Blues, New Orleans, LA
11/12 Plaza Theatre, Orlando, FL
11/13 The Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
11/14 Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL
11/16 Roxy Theater, Atlanta, GA
11/17 Cats Cradle, Carrboro, NC

Tegan and Sara - The Con

For the full set of dates or more info, see their Myspace.

A moment of self-awareness

Packing some things for my upcoming move, and just before I sealed this box I looked down and had a moment of extreme self-awareness.

Seriously, does everybody have at least three of these seven books?

The National announce fall tour, southern dates

The National have announced fall tour dates, including these stops in Dixie:

9/07 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC
9/08 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA
9/10 The Club @ Firestone, Orlando, FL
9/11 Club Downunder, Tallahassee, FL
9/12 The Bottletree, Birmingham, AL

It looks like they've graduated from The EARL into the bigger building. A far cry from two years ago when people left their shows after watching CYHSY open up, no? Gotta wonder how many people regret that now...

The National - Fake Empire [from Boxer]
The National - Mr. November [from Alligator]

The full tour is available at Pitchfork.

Wednesday, July 11

My baby shot me down

Because Nancy Sinatra's excellent "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" was mentioned in the responses to my previous post, it seems a good time to share this cover of the track by The Raconteurs. I'm pretty sure I got this at Berkeley Place several months ago, so thanks to Ekko.

The Raconteurs - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) [live 7-3-2006]

While I'm at it, here's Nancy Sinatra's classic version of the song:

Sooooo good.

St. Vincent 7-10-2007 @ Wordsmiths Books, Decatur, GA

The first night of St. Vincent's two-day visit to Atlanta is complete. Annie Clark and her band arrived at Wordsmiths Books about twenty minutes later than the 8pm announced start time, reportedly because they had their first encounter with Atlanta traffic. Tee-hee.

After a rushed set-up (from the van to the stage in under 10 minutes!), Annie played a solo set with just her guitar, pedals, and stomp pad. I believe she gave us about a half-dozen songs in 25 minutes, performing admirably given the circumstances. It certainly whet my appetite for tonight's appearance at The EARL. St. Vincent asked me not to share the recording of tonight's show, but for a taste here is unreleased song "Bang Bang" from Annie's set:

St. Vincent - Bang Bang [7-10-2007 at Wordsmiths, Decatur, GA; Annie solo]

I picked up a hard copy of Marry Me (released today!) at Wordsmiths (thanks Rachael!), which Annie sweetly signed complete with badass prison tats.

Thug life, bitches.

I'm told that St. Vincent will be stopping in at the Paste offices to record a podcast tomorrow afternoon, so watch for that in the near future.

Hope to see some of you at The EARL tonight. I'll be the jackass in the Cubs hat.

Sunday, July 8

Meat Loaf: Marvel superhero

Who knew Meat Loaf was allied with the Marvel superheroes?

From the back cover of Uncanny X-Men Giant-Sized Annual #11...

It seems his superpower is extreme constipation.

Regardless, his fellow heroes are, like, totally on board:

Helping Special Olympians does not make Hulk angry.

Billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, however, doesn't seem too stoked.

They would appreciate your help by September 30, 1987, so get on that.

If you want to bask in the awesome, you can grab a hi-res scan.

Bass army > Kanye West

Spinal Tap's "Big Bottom" at Live Earth, complete with about a dozen bass players:

Gotta say, I've never seen anything quite like that.

The highlight for me, however, was probably Kanye West coming out to guest with The Police during "Message in a Bottle" and being completely useless. Awful and hilarious. Oh, and John Mayer was out there too.

The lineup was pretty lame, so I stayed away for the most part. Anything I missed worth checking out?

Thursday, July 5

"So a Squirrel and a Chipmunk Walk Into a Bar"

A change of pace today, but I wanted to share this. I rather enjoy the work of author David Sedaris, and found this short story charming and bittersweet.

David Sedaris - So a Squirrel and a Chipmunk Walk Into a Bar

The audio here is from a 2006 episode of NPR's This American Life about star-crossed love. This story and others have also been officially released in a compilation called This American Life: Stories of Hope and Fear that is widely available. You can order it from the NPR Shop.

Wednesday, July 4

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand and remove your caps...

... for the singing of our national anthem.

Marvin Gaye - The Star-Spangled Banner
Sufjan Stevens - The Star-Spangled Banner
Sophie B. Hawkins - The Star-Spangled Banner

If you have others worth sharing, feel free to send them in.

Have a great Independence Day!

No postage required

I've been busy lately and getting way more music than I can keep up with. Still, I've found a few gems in my Inbox/mailbox and around the web that seem worthy of more attention. Some have been around elsewhere, others not so much. Feel free to give 'em a test drive...

Scout Niblett - Drummer Boy [experimental folk; touring w/ St. Vincent]
Little Brazil - You and Me [pop rock]
Jesca Hoop - Intelligentactile [too-cute neo-pop songstress]
Zookeeper - I Live in the Mess You Are [folky pop/rock]
Diplomats of Solid Sound - Cookie Time [instrumental funk]
The God Damn Doo Wop Band - Rooftops of Bangor [throwback girl group]
The Last Town Chorus - It's Not Over (Jim Barber remix) [lap-steel heroine]
Erin Lang - Happy to See You [hushed electro-folk]
Kurt Hagardorn - You Are My Girl [country-tinged pop]
Mouthful of Bees - The Now [angular (?) indie rock]
Alina Simone - Black Water [siren grrrl]

And some golden oldies, just because:

Tullycraft - Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About
Jens Lekman - You are the Light
Fruit Bats - A Bit of Wind
M. Ward - Big Boat

Tuesday, July 3

Smashing Pumpkins coming to Georgia, Tennessee

Looks like Corgan and his faux-Pumpkins are coming to Dixie...

10-25 Memphis, TN - Mud Island Amphitheatre
10-30 Atlanta, GA - Fox Theater
11-03 Dallas, TX - Nokia Theater
11-05 Nashville, TN - Ryman Theater

Full SP dates at Pitchfork.

Personally, I have never liked Smashing Pumpkins... so this is probably the last time the show will be mentioned here. That's that.

St. Vincent to play Decatur in-store, Atlanta show next week

I mentioned this a while back, but there's been an interesting development...

St. Vincent's debut album, Marry Me, is due on July 10. On that very day, St. Vincent's Annie Clark will play an in-store at Wordsmiths Books in Decatur, Georgia. I expect that will be an intimate affair, so do come by. Wordsmiths indicates it will start at 8pm. I should be there taping.

St. Vincent - Now Now [from Marry Me]

She plays a full show the next night, July 11, at The EARL as I've mentioned before. Tickets are available via Ticket Alternative. Marry Me is one of my couple favorite albums of the year by a female artist, and I'm very much looking forward to its release.

Her full set of tour dates has been expanded and is available online.

New goodies from Project Jenny, Project Jan

Brooklyn electro-pop/dance act Project Jenny, Project Jan have a new album due on August 14 titled XOXOXOXOXO. They've released a couple tracks from the album to tease us, and they're a fun blend of electronic beats, sing-speak vocals, and apparent dementia.

Project Jenny, Project Jan - 320
Project Jenny, Project Jan - Train Track

Personally, I'm a little more stuck on the unreleased "HJIH." I don't have a clue what it means, but it's a three-minute party and the video is a hoot.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Project Jenny, Project Jan - HJIH

You can order XOXOXOXOXO from the band.

Monday, July 2

Bark, Hide, and Horn - "This Abdomen has Flown"

I've been meaning to write about these guys for ages, so it's about time I got to it. Bark, Hide, and Horn is a Portland-based fock-rock quartet, and they bring the zoological ruckus.

While their adventurous, acoustic and brass aesthetic is cool enough in its own right I can't help but adore the subject matter of their songs. They focus on the wonders of the natural world, particularly those aspects of it that were covered in National Geographic magazine from 1957-1967. Did everybody else's parents have a stash of those too? I can just imagine them thumbing through those issues digging for material.

Bark, Hide, and Horn - This Abdomen has Flown

There's also a lengthy interview with these innovative lads on the website of the Portland Mercury, along with a podcast of a live in-studio performance. See their Myspace for more songs and info.

New Kite Flying Society - "Oh, Amy!"

San Diego indie popsters Kite Flying Society have been kind enough to send along a new track from their forthcoming The Aviary.

It's another bit of shiny California pop from these guys, which will seem pretty familiar to fans of their freshman effort Where is the Glow?.

Kite Flying Society - Oh, Amy!

I'll finally get to see these guys at this year's Athens Popfest. Woo!

Sunday, July 1

Checking in with Umbrella Tree

Nashville art-rock/pop outfit Umbrella Tree released a fine record, What Kind of Books do You Read?, in mid-2006 and have been readying their follow-up. It will be titled The Church & The Hospital. The band tells me that it is tracked and nearly mixed, and they'll then settle on a label before unleashing it.

Those in the Nashville area will be interested to know that they will play a pair of special shows in mid-July. On July 19 they will play an acoustic arrangement of What Kind of Books... in its entirety, and then on July 21 they will play The Church & The Hospital from start to finish. The July 19 show will take place at the Family Wash in East Nashville, while the July 21 performance will be at The Basement. Pretty cool.

The band intends to play in the Atlanta area in the near future, and wouldn't mind booking suggestions (wink wink, nudge nudge).

From What Kind of Books Do You Read? (2006):

Umbrella Tree - Wisemen
Umbrella Tree - A Horse That Will Come When I Whistle

From The Church & The Hospital (forthcoming):

Umbrella Tree - Make Me a Priest

I'll be looking forward to this one, and hoping they find their way to Athens as well. For more information, check out their Myspace.

Kindercore is back!

After teasing us for a while, it looks like Kindercore is officially alive once more...

The website is still under construction, but you can already browse it pretty thoroughly. The roster of bands includes many Kindercore classics (Of Montreal, Marshmallow Coast, Dressy Bessy, I am the World Trade Center, Maserati, The Sunshine Fix, etc.), as well as new entries including Ruby Isle, King of Prussia, and USSR. There is also a blog (of course) and a comics section, which look to be worth watching. Glad to see they're back!

Check it out at www.kindercore.com.